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Appaloosa Horse Horse Breeds

What does an Appaloosa Horse look like?

Horses are beautiful by nature. They have the best features with great hooves. They, however, require a lot of care. To get a good horse you will dedicate a substantial amount of money and time. The Appaloosa horse is a breed which is attractive to look at. Its origin is in North America. The horse is closely associated with the Nez Perce culture. This culture is well known for owning the best horses and riding them. The Appaloosa breed has a distinct coat which is different from the others. The pattern on its coat makes it stand out from the rest of the horses. Here are some things you need to know about this pretty horse.

Features of the Appaloosa Horse

Appaloosa horse has a spotted coat. It is stunning in colors such as white, grey, brown, and black. Others colors include chestnut, bay, dun, grulla and cremello.

How to identify an Appaloosa Horse?

The spotting patterns serve as a method of telling them apart. The patterns are leopard, blanket, snowflake and marbleized. It has striped hooves which is also a feature among many horses. The horse has a white sclera which is seen easily. For other horses, they have to roll back their eyes to see the sclera. Appaloosa horse has this trait which is one of a kind. It is a special feature different from other breeds.

How tall is a Appaloosa Horse?

The Appaloosa is a small compact horse. When the horse stands, the height is about 14.2 – 15.2 hands high.

How much does a Appaloosa Horse weigh?

Their weight is approximately 950 to 1200 pounds.

What use does a Appaloosa have?

You can ride the Appaloosa horse for fun or long distance riding. They can also compete in tournaments and earn a good amount of money. They were originally used for hunting, battle, and transport by the Nez Perce. They are a strong breed that can endure a lot. The horse can be a great friend because they are calm and gentle. They are loyal and will stay for about 30 years. They have been used in various movie scenes. An example of a movie is “El Dorado”.

What is the current worldwide population of an Appaloosa Horse?

The Appaloosa is a very popular breed, and there are over 600,000 registered throughout the world.

Health and Care

Appaloosa horse is a healthy breed which is resistant to diseases. Its lifespan is approximately 30 years when well taken care of. They don’t need a lot of special care and treatment. You need to focus on the muzzles by blocking the sun using equine. Their eyes should be thoroughly checked from time to time. This is because they carry a gene responsible for night blindness. They are prone to eye infections which should be treated early too. Maintenance is low considering the fact that their care is only in a few places. They are naturally in good condition physically.

Temperament and personality of the Appaloosa

The horse is a friendly one, to begin with. It offers the best companionship for someone who really needs it. When you ride the horse you feel a great attachment because of its gentle nature. It is intelligent and full of courage. It can also be trusted because of the loyal nature it possesses. It is a good breed to stay with and enjoy life together.


The Appaloosa horse is unique in many ways. Its beautiful coat is an addition to the great personality. For anyone who feels the need to breed a horse, it is the a great breed. You won’t call a veterinary often because it had strong genes. It is simply one of the best.

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