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Why are Arabian horse so special?

The Arabian horse is one of the most beautiful breeds that exist in the world. Participating in movies, portrayed in many pictures and center of the attention in thousands of photos this noble, powerful and cleaver horse had influence in many other breeds around the world and many people ask themselves How long do horses live?

These horses have been recognized not only for his beauty, but also for his ability to learn and his bravery, which has been an inspiration for the millions of admirers of fine horses.

Originated in the Middle East, the breed start to expand with the Muslim culture in Northern Africa and Spain by the 7th century.

The Ottoman Empire and the Arabian horse

The Ottoman Empire was another protagonist in the propagation of the Arabian horse across the world. In the early 1900s, the Turkish were able to acquire plenty of exemplars of this breed by several means, like war, trade and negotiation. The stream of horses for their cavalry was extremely important for the Ottomans, whereby they rest assured to promote farms for the breeding of them, and even several members of their leadership were prone to look for the purest bloodlines of Arabian horses.

The Turkish were the vehicle for the breed to conquer Europe via diplomatic emoluments and gifts or trade and sales.The fact is well documented in records dated from the beginning of the 14th century found in the personal library of the Sultan of Egypt.

It is thought that the Arabian bloodline was introduced at the beginning across Spain and France, and later on with the return of the crusaders who brought them as trophy of war in the turn of the 11th  century.

The Ottoman were defeated by the Hungarian and the polish army in 1522, who took possession of a major amount of the Arabian horses that the Turkish took in their incursion, constituting the basement of the main studs of Eastern Europe.

Arabian Horse Measures

These horses weight about 1000 pounds ,and  his height is between 4.8 – 5.1 ft.

People also ask:

Is the Arabian horse the fastest horse?

In the Equine Veterinary Journal (2006) research showed that although Arabians are one of the faster horses (The fastest speed that an Arabian can reach is 40 mph), but the Quarter and Thoroughbred horses are much faster.

Modern Arabian Horses Uses

Contemporary Arabian horses are used i a variety of activities like  horse racing, jumping, pleasure riding,trail riding and so on.Competitions are also common to show this horses performance and they are especially dominant in endurance  and long distance races.

Arabian Horse  Breed Influence

The Arabian horse bloodline has been present in the most of the main horse breeds of our times. Good examples are breeds as important as the American quarter, the Thoroughbred and the Morgan to name a few.

Crossing Arabian horse with other breeds is largely utilized when people are looking to add the characteristic features that this breed shows (alertness, strength, magnificence).

Nowadays the Arabian Horse Association have created a special registry for the mixed Arabian horses and some of them have an individual registry. Some of them are: The Pintabian (Paint-Arabian),Arabian -Quarter (Quarab), Arabian-Morgan(Morgan-Arabian) and several more.

Talking about Arabian horse popularity, they have been present in Hollywood from 1926, when the stallion Jadaan was rode for Rodolfo Valentino, one of the most renowned movie gallant ever. Also they appeared in the film “Young black stallion” where were displayed 40 Arabian Horses.

They have been present in sports, like for example in the University of Southern California where their mascot was the Arabian horse called Traveler. ”Thunder” was the Mascot of the Broncos for a decade. They also are seen in many fairs, parades, exhibitions and many more entertainment shows all around the USA.

These outstanding horses are also used for law enforcement tasks, rescue mission and many other community services.


The Arabian horse has been one of the most important bloodlines in history, and its input has been huge for the development of a large amount of disciplines. The world of horse admirers has been always impressed for the refinement and beauty of this great specimen that the Middle East has given to the world.

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