How Fast Can a Horse Run?

When we think of horses, our mind immediately associates it with the concept of speed and power. There are horse races, and even the strength of cars is measured in horses. Therefore, here we will see how fast can a horse run. Some say that an exceptional horse in exceptional circumstances could run at approximately … Read more

Caspian Horse; Treats And Singularities

Originated in the north of Iran, the Caspian horse despite of its small size is a breed that is considered a horse, and not a pony. Even though his size can bring someone to think about them as a pony, the Caspian Horse is gifted with a character that correspond mostly to horses, and together … Read more

Palomino Horse And His Traits

Since ancient times, the relationship between the horse and men has been one of the closest in nature. Although in the beginning, horses, in general, were used for work purposes only, nowadays, this relationship has grown into a deeper level, a level in which horse and men are partners. As with other animal species, the … Read more

Mustang Horse

The Mustang is a feral horse breed commonly found in the Western United States. Though wild, these horses are descendants of once domesticated horses and are known as feral horses because of the fact that they were once domesticated. In several occasions, Mustang horses fair better than other horse breeds and here is a detailed … Read more

Horse Racing Movies

Over many decades, horse racing has been a delightful experience globally and making a great number of individuals earn some cash from it. Apart from the great deal of racing and finishing the line, horse racing can have sad moments of a horse falling or being injured leading to retirement or a worse action. An … Read more

Horse Shoes

It could seems unbelievable, but would you think that how long do horses live depends also on the care that we give to their foot and their horse shoes. Horse Shoes are intended to protect the hoof of the horses from damage produced by the contact of it with hard surfaces. These days, (in some … Read more

Icelandic Horse

The sometimes considered pony size Icelandic Horse breed, is nevertheless regarded as a horse and not a pony by the experts. Coming from Iceland, once they have been exported are banned to be re-imported which protect them from diseases which have resulted in a longer life and also healthy animals. Popular also in Europe and … Read more

Shire Horse

Being a drought horse, stallions of these great British breed comes in the majority of the times in grey, bay, and black color and mares in roan, gray, brown, black or bay. Accepted in Ameirca, in the united Kingdom the chestnut color is not able to be a color that is considered a shire horse … Read more

what do horses eat

Naturally, horses spend most of their time grazing. The primary source of food for horses is grass. Grass alone may not be enough for your horse’s daily nutrient requirements. Due to the nature of their digestive tract, they require a diet that contains fiber. This fiber will be very nutritious for their gut bacteria that … Read more

Andalusian Horse

The Andalusian horse orfor the  Spanishs “pura raza española” is a breed that descend from horses that have lived in the Iberian Peninsula for many centuries, and is considered a singular breed from the 1500s. Often utilized to achieve diplomatic goals, representatives of the breed were ridden for the most important dignitaries of the European … Read more