Fjord Horse

The Fjord horse can be easily recognized for his small size and robust complexion. His origin are the mountains located in the western area of Norway. At first sight they look like smaller draft horses, and due to their agility are useful for many labors.The breed standard of Fjord Norwegian horses accepts 5 shades of … Read more

Appaloosa Horse

Horses are beautiful by nature. They have the best features with great hooves. They, however, require a lot of care. To get a good horse you will dedicate a substantial amount of money and time. The Appaloosa horse is a breed which is attractive to look at. Its origin is in North America. The horse … Read more

Horse Trailer

Origin Of The Horse Trailer It is said that vehicles that resembled the actual horse trailer were seen in the years that horses were used by the fire departments to pull their carriages. In the event that these horses suffered some kind of wounds, they were transported on ambulances that seem to be the predecessors … Read more

Belgian Horse

The Belgian horse, or also commonly known as Belgian draft horse, is a horse breed originally from the Brabant area of Belgium. In the original lands of Belgium, this breed of horse is also known as Brabançon, Cheval de trait Belge, Belgisch Trekpaard, and Brabants trekpaard. It is also believed that Flemish, the great horse, … Read more

Morgan Horse

Riding a horse is a recreational activity with many benefits. It is a great form of exercise and a chance to get involved in healthy competitive exercises that make a character, inculcate responsibility, and improve confidence in participants. There are a variety of horse breeds that can fulfill all these needs; however, Morgan horse is … Read more

Draft Horse Explained

Consisted of many breeds, the draft horse is a big one, that has been bred to perform mostly farm tasks, like for example plowing and heavy loads hauling. These breeds have all their own characteristics, but also have in common that are heavy weighed, very strong, soft nature and very tolerant, features that are crucial … Read more

Quarter Horse

Quarter Horse Racing Origin Name The origin of the quarter horse in America was in the east coast of the USA when several local breeds were crossed with English Thoroughbred. The powerful, quick and smaller breed that results from  this crossing was usually used by the colonists int he 17th century as a work and … Read more

Arabian Horse

The Arabian horse is one of the most beautiful breeds that exist in the world. Participating in movies, portrayed in many pictures and center of the attention in thousands of photos this noble, powerful and cleaver horse had influence in many other breeds around the world and many people ask themselves How long do horses … Read more

How Much Does A Horse Weigh?

Overweight Horse After ask  about how long do horses live? .It would be interesting to ask also, how much does  a horse weigh? Different breeds different sizes and of course different weights, so the short answer to the question, how much does a horse weigh? Is it depends? It depends on what? This is the subject … Read more