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Belgian Horse Draft Horse

What is a Belgian Horse?

The Belgian horse, or also commonly known as Belgian draft horse, is a horse breed originally from the Brabant area of Belgium. In the original lands of Belgium, this breed of horse is also known as Brabançon, Cheval de trait Belge, Belgisch Trekpaard, and Brabants trekpaard. It is also believed that Flemish, the great horse, was the actual predecessor of the great Belgian horse in the medieval era. It ranks amongst the strongest of horse breeds.

What is the scientific name for Belgian Horse?

Equus ferus caballus. Common Names – Belgian, Brabancon, Brabant, Belgian Heavy Horse.

History of the Belgian Horse Breed

Belgian Horse pull

Some historians say that the Belgian Horse may possibly have descended from the destriers in middle ages. Although, there is no concrete evidence to support the claim. Also, the Brabant and the Belgian breed were considered to be the same till the 1940s. But during WWII, the Brabant breed was bred to have a heavier and sturdier body. And during this time, the Belgian horse was sent to the United States, where they grew to be lighter, but taller than Brabant.

The main use of Belgian horses became used as a Farm horse. Today, with a rich history, the breed of Belgian horses is the highest in number in the USA now. Most of these horses were exported from Europe to the USA after World War II.

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Physical Characteristics of the Belgian Horse

How tall is a Belgian draft horse?

The general height of males averages around 168 cm.
The general height of females averages around 164cm.

How much does a Belgian Horse weigh?

The average weight of a male Belgian horse is 900 Kg.
The average weight of a female Belgian horse is lower and is around 700 Kg.

Physique Belgian Horse

They have a really strong and powerful body.
The head is not as large as in a general horse. It’s comparatively smaller.

Belgian Horse colors

Chestnut color is the best way to describe Belgian horse’s complexion.
But other common colors among this breed of horses are Bay, Roan, and Black. The less common colors are Red roan, Gray, White with sorrel, and even Dun color.

Belgian draft horse life expectancy

Most heavy draft breeds have a lifespan of about 18 years, and this is consistent with Belgians. Some Belgian horses live to their 20-25 years, but this is rare.

Traits of the Belgian Breed

Belgian horses are one of the most loved horses nowadays. They have a really docile nature, and yet, have a keen intelligence about them. They are known to be a little quiet, but with a pleasing attitude to all. Hard-working and friendly, this breed of horses is really friendly towards humans. Never do they give any trouble to the breeder.
But even though they have such a kind, docile and soft nature, it doesn’t mean that they can’t do hard work.

What activities are the Belgian Horse used for?

With such a strong body, these horses are used for works like logging and plowing in the field. They are also used to pull heavy carriages, hitches, and sleighs.
Apart from these works, Belgian horses are gradually becoming more and more popular with horse-riders as well. And why wouldn’t they? They’re after all such pleasing animals with strong body composition. It is an absolute pleasure to be able to ride these horses.

How much can a Belgian Horse pull?

These amazingly strong horses can pull over 8,000 pounds!

Requirements for Grooming

Most of the horses require regular grooming to be bred well. Especially, the hooves. The hooves have to be given some serious attention. Regular cleaning and trimming have to be done to prevent infections or some mishap.
Also, because of the tall height of the Belgian horse, a small ladder may have to be used to groom the horse. Normal tools used for grooming shall be sufficient.

In all, the Belgian Horse is one of the most popular, and well-natured horse breed among all out there.

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