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What is unique about Caspian horses?

Originated in the north of Iran, the Caspian horse despite of its small size is a breed that is considered a horse, and not a pony. Even though his size can bring someone to think about them as a pony, the Caspian Horse is gifted with a character that correspond mostly to horses, and together with his gaits and conformation make that the experts include them in that category.

The breed is supposed by many to be the oldest of the horse breeds that are still in existence.

The presence of the breed got attention in the 1960s, after been forgotten for many centuries. The American and Iranian resident Louise Firouz, an Iranian horse breeder, took it to the public Knowledge, and later helped to make possible the preservation of the breed that can be seen these days.

The rests of the also called Khazar horse specimen from 3400 B.C.E, was found in Iran in 2011 at Gohar Tappeh, confirming for some scholars the theory that the Caspian horse is the oldest existent horse breed in the world.

Characteristics Of The Caspian Horse

Most of Caspian horses reach a height that varies from 40 to 50 in, and display a fine and short head, big eyes, little ears and small body. They have also robust legs, straight back and elegant neck. Many of the features of the Caspian horse breed are similar to the characteristics of the Arabian horse, which is a breed that is thought to be its descendant. Traits of the horse that the breeder Louis Firouz underlines are; intelligence, kindness, and temperament even though it is easy to appreciate the energy that flows across their veins. At first the breed was considered more like a miniature horse, than a pony, because its phenotypically and morphologically aspect. The Breed horses can be mostly seen in black, dun, bay, chestnut, gray and white marks are really exceptional.

How hardy are Caspian Horses?

Talking about endurance, beyond to be excellent jumpers considering their tallness, the Caspian are sturdy, and shows resilient foot that needs shoeing in rare occasions.

Caspian Horse In The Past

Documented firstly in the 6th century CE, the Caspian breed ancestors were breed to satisfy the enormous necessity of the Persian Empire for land transport. Especially focused in speed and sturdiness, the Persian breeders provided the high quality horses that in those days were demanded as a tribute by the Sha of Persia.

Evidence of the existence of the horses in those ages were found with the Oxus treasure, and seemingly manufactured in the central area of the Empire. The discovering shows a small chariot that with its bigger wheels is pulled by horses that are smaller than the the persons that it carries.

Islamic and Mongol domination, caused that any additional historic evidence disappeared, making historians to think that the breed was extinct, until 1965 when was rediscovered.

How Is A Caspian Horse Baby?

How was the Caspian Horse used?

The most common use of the Caspian Horse is pulling carts, and can be often be seen in the slim streets of northern towns of Iran doing it. Their small size and quickness are highly useful to navigate the markets and narrows alleys of these small cities. Also their sturdiness is recognized by the inhabitants of the towns, as an important help in the transport of heavy loads across their narrow streets.

Also pony racing is one of the activities in which they were used, and even the Former Sha of Iran sponsored a race in which children were mounting Caspian horses in the Tehran’s racetrack.

As was mentioned before the ability of the Caspian Horse to jump is a trait that make them very competitive in jumping events that are intended to be focused on smaller horses.

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