How Long Do Horses live

If horses are taken care of properly, these days like us they have a longer life span than a couple of decades ago. A well look after horse can live nearly 30 years depending on the race and his genetics antecedents. To understand how to this process has evolved overtime is useful to know a … Read more

Popular Horse-Riding Sports

Horses have a long history of being used in sports. From pulling Roman chariots to running the Preakness, horses’ innate agility and their ability to carry a human rider have made them exceptionally good for a wide variety of games. Here is an overview of the many ways that horses are incorporated into sports around … Read more

Riding Horse Breeds

Selecting a horse for riding isn’t as easy as you might think. Many breeds and types have been developed, each of which has a particular specialty, such as being good at jumping or the three-gaited walk, trot, and canter. Whether you’re seriously considering owning a horse, or you’re just a horse lover, you can explore … Read more

How to Own Your Own Horse

For many, owning their own horse is a life-long dream. These majestic creatures can provide long-term companionship and fun for their dedicated owners. Horses are a huge  commitment however, and horse ownership shouldn’t be pursued without some serious thought. And, once you’ve determined that owning a horse is a good idea, there’s still a lot … Read more

More Horse Information and Resources

Can’t get enough information about horses? You’re not alone. Luckily, there are many great resources out there, on all sorts of horse-related topics. Let our resource guide direct you to this wealth of information. Horse Ownership Guide to First Time Horse Ownership The University of Maine provides this extensive guide about selecting and caring for … Read more

The Evolution of the Horse

In our modern consciousness, horses only look one way: tall, with flat backs, long heads, and four hooves. The modern horse has had a long evolution, however, one that takes it from the plains east of America’s Sierra mountains, to Eurasia, and back again, over the course of 70 million years. Here is an overview … Read more

Horse Facts

Sure, you may be a horse lover, but exactly how much do you know about a horse’s body and its behavior? Do you know about their bone structure, the weight of their heart, or their ideal heart rate? Take a look at this fun collection of horse statistics, to test your own knowledge about horses. … Read more

Famous Horses of U.S. History

Horses are faithful companions to man, and their utility has made them a key part of many great events in history. From serving in wars to simply running races faster than ever before, man has long had a dependence on and a fascination with horses. Here are a few particularly noteworthy horses who have been … Read more

Famous Horses

While horses have been used throughout history as a friend and mode of transport to man, not all horses have a myth or legacy. Certain horses however, horses who have performed unbelievable feats or simply been in the right place at the right time, have become the protagonists of folk tales that continue to be … Read more

How To Ride A Horse

The best reason to learn how to ride a horse is how pleasant is a good horse ride. This is because horses have managed to establish a good relationship with the human being, to the point that it is one of the animals that has adapted most to these; One factor that has allowed this … Read more