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Can’t get enough information about horses? You’re not alone. Luckily, there are many great resources out there, on all sorts of horse-related topics. Let our resource guide direct you to this wealth of information.

Horse Ownership

Guide to First Time Horse Ownership

The University of Maine provides this extensive guide about selecting and caring for your first horse.

Basic Horse Ownership

Louisiana State University created this page, with links to several resources about the basics of taking care of a horse on a day-to-day basis.

Responsible Horse Ownership

Here you can find a list of handouts covering many different aspects of horse ownership, from horse riding etiquette to west Nile virus in horses.

Routine Health Care for Horses

This helpful handout from the University of Texas details the routine care that goes into keeping a horse happy and healthy.

Horse Breeds

Horse Breeds

The University of Oklahoma created this comprehensive list of horse breeds, with information and pictures for each one.

Index of Horse Breeds

This little site has an introduction to a few of the most famous horse breeds.

Riding Horse Breed Types and Uses

For anyone considering purchasing their own riding horse, this is a great guide.

Horseback Riding

Teaching Beginners to Ride

Here you can find a list of some common mistakes new riders make, as well as an outline of the correct riding posture.

Horse Riding Safety

If you’ve never gotten onto a horse before, learning to ride can be quite scary. Learn these basic skills, in order to stay safe while riding.

Horse Riding Fact Sheets and Glossary

This resource from West Virginia University might be helpful for individuals who are looking to horseback riding as a form of occupational therapy.

Horse Adoption

  • MidAtlantic Horse Rescue: This organization helps save healthy thoroughbreds from slaughter, once their racing careers are over. Check out their website to learn how you can adopt one.
  • Adopt-a-Horse: This group rescues and rehabilitates standardbred racehorses, and prepares them for adoption.

General Information

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