How Much Does A Horse Weigh?

How Much Does A Horse Weigh Horses Anatomy

How much does a horse weigh?

After ask  about how long do horses live? It would be interesting to ask also, how much does  a horse weigh?

Different breeds different sizes and of course different weights, so the short answer to the question, how much does a horse weigh? Is it depends? It depends on what? This is the subject of the conversation that we are going to have in this article.

The main factor to consider when we talk about horses weights is the breed, and we can find from the lovely mini horse (250 lbs) to the amazing Percheron (1375 lbs). Another thing to consider is the purpose of the horse, meanwhile a work horse must be a strong and massive animal, the racehorses need a be better balance between weight and agility.

People tend to asses the well being of a horse for his visual appearance, but are another way to diagnose the health of a horse that are way more efficient like the regular weighing of the horse.

Obesity in a horse is as harmful as in a human being and can result in heavy health complications like Laminitis that is an illness that produce resistance to insulin.

Also many health conditions can be present when we see an underweight horse, and that’s why monitor the health of a horse is important to understand which is the right weight for him.

 American Quarter: Horse Weight

The name of the breeds refers to the fact that they outclass most of the others horseracing breeds in races to a quarter mile or shorter.

Nowadays there are about 3 million living horses of the breed registered in the USA, being the most popular breed in the country due to a large presence in horse shows and rodeos beyond his ability to perform tasks that are necessary in the ranch work.

The American quarter horse weight from 950 to 1200 pounds, and the fact that the breed shows a compact body with a height of about 60 inches average, make this horses well suited to execute the complex movements  that are often required to do in the farmers daily job.

Thoroughbred: Average Horse Weight

The average horse weight of a Thoroughbred is nearly 1200 pounds when are intended to be racinghorses. The breed has been known as a racinghorses one from at least the 12th century in England, and later on spread around many counties in the world.

The American colonies received the first Thoroughbred in 1730, named “Bulle Rock”.

The main areas of Thoroughbred breeding in the USA, after the American revolution were Kentucky and Tennessee, which became the new centers of horseracing in the country.

The famous Thoroughbred breed is also used in many disciplines, like polo, in which the smaller horse are used, combined training or jumping, where retired racinghorses are often also used, and several entertaining activities.

Arabian Horses: How much do horses weigh?

This easily recognizable horse breed that is famous for been one of the oldest breeds in the world, show horses that average a weight between 800 and 1000 pounds. Even though, it seems unbelievable, there are some archaeological investigations that have found in the Middle East, images dated 4500 years ago that portrait horses very similar to the contemporary Arabian Horses.

Influence of this awesomely beautiful horse breed can be seen spread all over the world and traces of it bloodlines are present in most of the modern horse breeds. Sturdiness, speed and aesthetic refinement are some of the great contributions that this breed has made to the world of horse breeding.

The rough desert environment in that this breed of horses used to live, made the Bedouin people to give them shelter inside their own tents and therefore they developed a relationship between them and their breeders that is difficult to find. That is why the breed is so naturally responsive to teaching, cooperative and well behaved.

The Arabian horse also had important participation in combat between rival Middle Eastern tribes, which make to enhance their awareness and bravery, that make them to gain the respect of their riders that were happy to take care of them with love and special dedication.

Friesian: Average weight of a horse

This breed comes from The Netherlands, and with his small drought horse look, weights about 1300 pounds. Despite their look this horses display great elegance and agility for their magnitude. In ancient days were vastly wanted, because their aforementioned characteristics made them the perfect choice for knights and their heavy armor.

The intense black color is one of its most recognizable features and normally registries only accept in their purebred registers: The classic black, occasionally chestnuts that can demonstrate the red gene in their bloodlines, and very rare horses that have  little stars on their face.

Paint horse: How much does the average horse weigh?

The Paint horse weighs between 950 and 1250 pounds, and descends from the Thoroughbred and the American Quarter horses. The body type is heavy but not very tall, making them stocky and muscular at first sight. Their lower center of gravity makes them easy to manipulate and due it powerful back legs they can increase sprint velocity very quickly.

The exclusion of horses that presented any white body spots from registration at the American Quarter Horse Association gave birth to a number of organizations intended to preserve and encourage the breeding of paint horses.

Appaloosa: Weight of a horse

Appaloosa horse weight between 950 and 1250 pounds, and his aspect is recognized for the uncommon spotted pattern color.

Several spotting patterns overlaid on top of another make up the unique color of each horse. These patterns are the result of the combination of many breeds, and the horse colors genetics studies put special emphasis in the investigation of this breed origins.

After almost been extinguished, a small lovers group of the breed, fought to preserve it until the appearance of the Appaloosa Horse Club which was founded in 1938, organization that started the registration of the horses.

Basically considered a stock horse, the breed is nowadays very popular in the USA, and its versatility allows them to perform many kinds of horse riding activities. Breeds that have received influence from the Appaloosa bloodlines are: the Nez Perce Horse, the Pony of the Americas, and several more.

Shire: How heavy is a horse?

Shire Horses weight from 18720 to 2430 pounds, and is a breed that comes from Great Britain, being a large horse are recognized for its huge ability to pull weight. These horses can also be seen utilized in business promotions, horse riding disciplines and forest heavy jobs.

Even the breed had massive popularity in the USA at the end of the 1900s, with the advent of the 20 th century and the arrived of mechanical technology, the demand for them diminished rapidly.

After resurgence in the last decades, the breed is still regarded at risk because the low population numbers recorded by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.

Examples of the enormous power of the horses of this breed is an event held in Great Britain in 1924, where a couple of horses pull out the awesome load of about 45 tons, being impossible to point out the exact weight of the load, due that the dynamometer felt short of the amount that the horses were able to  pulled out.

 Morgan: Average Horse Weight

Being one of the first breeds that were originated in the USA, the Morgan Horse weigh about 1000 pounds.

The never forgotten sire Figure was the predecessor of the Morgan horses that later on were seen performing so many tasks, like a military horse, regular horse riding and also harness racing. Beyond that, this sophisticated and compact breed has been influential for several truly American breeds, starting for the emblematic American Quarter and following with the Standardbred and the Tennessee Walking Horse.

Although they come in many colors including pinto, they are generally bay, black or chestnut colored.

Lippitt, Government, Working Western, and Brunk are the principal bloodlines of the Morgan Breed, being the Lippitt considered the purest of all of them, the Government is the largest and some of the Working Western descends from it.

Joseph Brunk’s Illinois breeding program, was the origin of the Brunk bloodline, that is known because the agility that they display in their movements.

Tennessee Walking: Weight of a horse

The also called Tennessee Walker Breed is recognized by his flamboyant and walk-running pace weighing 900 to 1200 pounds.

The original use of the horses of this breed was in the plantations of the south of the United States, but in modern days they also perform in many exhibitions all over the world, showing their elegant and gracious style.

Also their composed temperament make them to be preferred for many people as a riding horse.

Black Allan was born in 1886, who is  considered the first Tennessee walker in history,being a result of crossings of several breeds like the Canadian Pacers, Narragansett Pacers, Spanish Mustangs and some other breeds.

There are 2 main kinds of shows in which these horses compete:

Performance that put emphasis in the leg action “performance”, and Flat-shod in which the horses show more humble movements.

Percheron: How much does a horse weigh?

Normally black or gray this muscular horses weight 2600 pounds approximately, and have their origin in the former province of Perche in France.

These hard worker breed was originally intended to be used for wars, but later become coach horses and mainly agricultural horses that were massively exported at the end of the 19th century to America and many other countries in the world.In the first decades of that century the amount of Percheron horses in the USA grew exponentially, accounting for the 70% of the draft horses in the country.Used mostly for Forestry labors, today the percherones are also still widely utilized, for drafts works, competitions and even for under saddle jobs.


To finish is interesting to analyze, if there is any relationship between a human lifespan and the life duration and wage of a horse. Many people have dedicated efforts and time trying to arrive to same conclusion about the subject. The most popular opinion seems to be that if you multiply the age of a horse by a factor of 3, it would be equivalent at the age of a human been. Even though there is no scientific evidence of this assumption, common sense says that the theory is quite accurate. How Much Does A Horse Weigh? Is something that seems to have no relationship with human weight at all.

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