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What is a Morgan Horse?

The Morgan horse has been well known as the first American family horses. The early evolution of the Morgan horse breed occurred in the states of New England, hence providing the country’s eastern part with main credit for establishing three light-horse breeds.

What does a Morgan Horse look like?

Every Morgan horse comes from a single breed standard, irrespective of the bloodline. They are popular for their refined build with great strength in the legs, compact body, distinct arched neckline and set back shoulders.

How tall is a Morgan Horse?

Their height differs and usually ranges from approximately 14.1 hh to 15.2 hh though there are some above and below these limits. Follow the link if you  also want to know how much does a horse weigh?

What color is a Morgan Horse?

This horses  Morgans can be bred in a variety of colors though they are normally found in black, bay, and chestnut.

Riding a horse is a recreational activity with many benefits. It is a great form of exercise and a chance to get involved in healthy competitive exercises that make a character, inculcate responsibility, and improve confidence in participants. There are a variety of horse breeds that can fulfill all these needs; however, Morgan horse is one of the best for you.

As maintained by Morgan breeders, their hard-working and good-natured personalities make them the best for horse riders of all ages and capabilities.

Where did the Morgan Horse originated?

The origin of the Morgan horse was simply a fortuity and not due to a planned effort on the side of breeders to produce a specific horse breed which would be transformed into local conditions.

What is a Morgan Horse used for?

In the early production period of the breed, the horse was thought as an animal used for general purposes – for use in racing, farming, as roadsters, in the park, avenue, and on the trail. With the advancement in technology, many of these needs have become insensible. Having fully recognized the change in needs, the successful breeders took stock of the breed’s innate possibilities and moved their efforts in breeding and selection to the production of a superior riding horse.

There were estimated to be over 180,000 Morgan horses worldwide in 2006.

What state has the Morgan Horse as its state mammal?

Nowadays, it is not surprising to find that there is a difference in Morgan’s prominence in various parts of the United States. In the West, the Morgan is mainly a stock horse; in the Central state, it is a breed for general purpose; as in the East, its prominence is a saddle horse, specifically for general country use and for recreational purposes over a long distance of trails.

Figure (horse)

Breed history

The Morgan horse is one of the earliest horse breeds developed in the United States.

How did the Morgan Horse get its name?

All Morgans trace back to a single foundation sire, a stallion named Figure, who was born in 1789. In 1792, he was given to a man named Justin Morgan as a debt payment. The horse later came to be identified by the name of this particular owner, and “the Justin Morgan horse” evolved into the name of the breed. Figure is thought to have weighed about 1,000 pounds and to have stood about 14 hands (142 cm).

Which war was the Morgan Horse used for?

Morgans were used as cavalry mounts by both sides in the American Civil War. Horses with Morgan roots included Sheridan’s Winchester, also known as Rienzi. Stonewall Jackson’s “Little Sorrel” has alternately been described as a Morgan or an American Saddlebred, a breed heavily influenced by the Morgan.

What breeds did the morgan horse influence?

Today, the relatively small number of purebred Morgan horses is not a basis of the true importance of the breed. Their supremacy has extended to the entire population of the horse on the continent.
Morgan Blood was used in setting the foundation for numerous breeds. The breed of Morgan was used to produce many other horses including the Quarter Horse, Saddlebred, Tennessee walking horse, and the Standardbred. Actually, 90 percent of current Saddlebred have Morgan blood.


The Morgan horse is one of the most versatile and refined breeds. The horse can be found to be competing starting from roping to dressage and every sport in between. They are popular for their good disposition and intelligence, and their strength and stamina. Therefore, why wait for tomorrow, this is the right time to get your own and experience its benefits.

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