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What kind of horse is Shire?

The Shire horse is a big horse that has been many times recognized as the tallest in the world. Being a drought horse, stallions of these great British breed comes in the majority of the times in grey, bay, and black color and mares in roan, gray, brown, black or bay. Accepted in America, in the united Kingdom the chestnut color is not able to be a color that is considered a shire horse color.   

The sturdiness of these horses make that the interest in the late 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries from people that needed powerful animals on other parts of the world grew greatly, making that the horses from this breed became exported to countries around the world, especially to the USA.

What is a Shire horse used for?

They performed a variety of tasks that required a great amount of power, like pulling any kinds of heavy weights, a cart horse, tow logs and mostly a farm horse.

How much can a Shire horse pull?

The Shire horse is the largest and strongest draft breed, the heavy muscles and weight of a draft horse make it physically possible for them to pull large loads. The horse can pull 9,000 pounds (4100 kg)!

Shire horse how heavy of a rider?

They can carry around 320 – 350 pounds. That is equivalent to around a 290 – 310 pound rider (130-140 kilograms) with a saddle that weighs about 35-40 pounds (15-20 kg). 

Shire Horse Look and Temperament

How tall is a Shire horse?

The height of shire stallion stands about  17.2 hands.

How much does a Shire horse weigh?

When asking about shires stallions, how much does a horse weight, the answer is 1870 to 2430 lb.

How fast can a Shire draft horse run?

Shire draft horse can run at an average speed of 28 – 30 miles per hour. They are used in dressage events but are not very fast horses.

How much does a shire horse cost?

Finding a horse of good breeding is not so easy because of the low numbers of the horse. The cost of a shire can vary from $3,000 to $25,000. It depends on gender, experience and age.

The good looking Shire horse is known for his laid back character and physically for his broad chest, shoulder and hind quarters, with a slim and long head that is the end of a long neck that looks a little over extended for the general aspects of him. Talking about the hair they display a soft, refined and no curls one.

Shire the horse what are their colors?

Common horse coat colors are Palomino, Sorrel, Roan, Bay, Dapple gray, Buckskin, Appaloosa, Paint, Black, Dun, Chestnut, and Gray.

Highlights of The Shire Breed

Why are Shire horses the biggest horse?

One of the milestones that the breed shows is the record of the largest horse that has been measured until now, being Sampson or Mammoth the privileged to flaunt it. The huge horse that was born in 1848 stood at 21.2 ¼ hands with a highest weight of 3.360 pounds.

Another representative of the breed that worth to talk about is a horse called Goliath that hold the tallest horse Guinness record until his death in 2014.

How old are Shire horse breeding?

Even though the breed is an ancient one, the breed was recognized as such in the second half of the 19th century.

Unfortunately the breed is nowadays included by the “Rare Breeds Survival Trust”( organization from the UK that is dedicated to promote the conservation of the original breeds of livestock from the kingdom)in the list of breeds at risk, because the dramatic fall in the number of Shire Horse in the recent past.

Shire Horse Support Organizations

The magnificence of the breed, has originated that many people have had interest in the care of the development of it, for more than a century. Either in the USA, the United Kingdom and several counties more are hosts of organizations that are dedicated to this purpose. Some of them are:

Shire Horse Society

Shire Horse Society

Continuing with its predecessor the “Old English Breed of Cart Horse” job, the Shire Horse Society, has promoted and fight to keep the attention of the Horses lovers in the formidable Shire Horse breed.

When did the american shire horse association start?

In one or other way the society has made sure from 1878, that people get the biggest amount of information possible, about the breed either using events, classes, and in these days of online technology, its website and social media to reach them.

Canadian Shire Horse Association

Canadian Shire Horse Association

The goals of the Association are keep the Shire breed in Canada alive and as pure as possible, regulating and developing the breeding of these horses by keeping, publishing, and preserving all the information about the Shire horse that are in the country.

The Animal Pedigree Act, is the framework that producers of these horses are encouraged to follow  when breeding and promoting the growth of the herd existent in Canada.


There is no doubt that the Shire Horse is one of the most magnificent draft horses that we have met. Their sturdiness awesome presence and fine pedigree are something that nobody that love horses can not be impressed by.

Their ancient and glorious origins, guarantee an important place between the most powerful breeds that we can know.

The United Kingdom shows several breeds that are important for the development of breeds all around the world, and the shire without doubt is with the thoroughbred, the Clydesdale and many more one of the most outstanding between the British breeds.

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