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The Ultimate Guide For The Horse Lovers

The Evolution of the HorseThe Evolution of Horses

In our modern consciousness, horses only look one way: tall, with flat backs, long heads, and four hooves. The modern horse has had a long evolution, however, one that takes it from the plains east of America’s Sierra mountains, to Eurasia, and back again, over the course of 70 million years. Here is an overview of our understanding of horse evolution, based on the fossil record. The first equid, or horse ancestor, came onto the scene about 70 million years ago. This little guy was known as an Eocene horse, and he only stood about 10-20” tall at the shoulder! It had a rounded back like a dog, although all the major bone structure of the modern horse was present as well. Read more…

How to Own Your Own Horse

For many, owning their own horse is a life-long dream. These majestic creatures can provide long-term companionship and fun for their dedicated owners. Horses are a huge  commitment however, and horse ownership shouldn’t be pursued without some serious thought. And, once you’ve determined that owning a horse is a good idea, there’s still a lot of work to do in finding the right horse for you. Before you do serious research into selecting a horse, take some time to consider if the responsibility of horse ownership is really right for you. These days, horses can live 20-30 years, when they are cared for properly. Read more…

Famous Horses of U.S. History

Horses are faithful companions to man, and their utility has made them a key part of many great events in history. From serving in wars to simply running races faster than ever before, man has long had a dependence on and a fascination with horses. Here are a few particularly noteworthy horses who have been immortalized by the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. Read more…

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The Ultimate Guide for Horse Lovers