How Fast Can a Horse Run?

When we think of horses, our mind immediately associates it with the concept of speed and power. There are horse races, and even the strength of cars is measured in horses. Therefore, here we will see how fast can a horse run. Some say that an exceptional horse in exceptional circumstances could run at approximately … Read more

Horse Racing Movies

Over many decades, horse racing has been a delightful experience globally and making a great number of individuals earn some cash from it. Apart from the great deal of racing and finishing the line, horse racing can have sad moments of a horse falling or being injured leading to retirement or a worse action. An … Read more

Horse Shoes

It could seems unbelievable, but would you think that how long do horses live depends also on the care that we give to their foot and their horse shoes. Horse Shoes are intended to protect the hoof of the horses from damage produced by the contact of it with hard surfaces. These days, (in some … Read more

what do horses eat

Naturally, horses spend most of their time grazing. The primary source of food for horses is grass. Grass alone may not be enough for your horse’s daily nutrient requirements. Due to the nature of their digestive tract, they require a diet that contains fiber. This fiber will be very nutritious for their gut bacteria that … Read more

Horse Trailer

Origin Of The Horse Trailer It is said that vehicles that resembled the actual horse trailer were seen in the years that horses were used by the fire departments to pull their carriages. In the event that these horses suffered some kind of wounds, they were transported on ambulances that seem to be the predecessors … Read more

How Much Does A Horse Weigh?

Overweight Horse After ask  about how long do horses live? .It would be interesting to ask also, how much does  a horse weigh? Different breeds different sizes and of course different weights, so the short answer to the question, how much does a horse weigh? Is it depends? It depends on what? This is the subject … Read more